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Wallingford, CT
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TWIST Champions 1985 to 1989

TWIST 1989 Champions
TWIST 1988 Champions
TWIST 1987 Champions
TWIST 1986 Champions
TWIST 1985 Champions


T W I S T    1 9 8 9

      Champion Runner-Up
U-16   Girls Ludlow, MA Wildcats Easton, PA Raiders
U-15   Boys Mansfield, CT East Fishkill, NY Panthers
U-14   Boys Pepperell, MA Bandits Whitby, ONT Iroquois
U-14   Girls Belmont, MA Spirit of '75 Windsor, CT Warriors
U-13   Boys Pepperell, MA Bandits Southampton, PA 76er's
U-13   Girls Broussard, QUE Island Trees, NY Rowdies
U-12 Div I    Boys  Sherbrooke, QUE PeeVerts Northampton, PA Bucks
U-12 Div II   Boys Whitby, ONT Iroquois Clinton, CT Express
U-12   Girls Sherbrooke, QUE PeeVerts Wallingford, CT Mighty Pythons
U-11   Boys East Fishkill, NY Terminators Southampton, PA 
U-10   Boys Redding, CT Falcons Somerton, MA Strikers
U-10   Girls Sachem, NY Sutton Fuller Hamlets, MA
U-9   Boys Southington, CT Spiders East Fishkill, NY Strikers
U-8   Boys Clifton Park, NY Tigers Wallingford, CT Special '81

T W I S T    1 9 8 8

      Champion Runner-Up
U-16   Girls Wallingford, CT Cow Harbor, NY
U-15   Boys Scarborough, Ontario Mississauga, Ontario
U-14   Girls Sutton, MA Springfield, MA
U-14   Boys Wallingford, CT Hartford, CT
U-13   Girls Cow Harbor, NY Island Trees, NY
U-13   Boys Oshawa, Ontario Wethersfield, CT
U-12   Girls Wallingford, CT Sutton, MA
U-12   Boys Scarborough, Ontario Sutton, MA
U-11   Girls Endicott, NY Bayonne, NJ
U-11   Boys Northampton, PA Farmingdale, NY
U-10   Boys Wallingford, PA Northampton, PA
U-9   Boys Southington Spiders, CT East Fishkill Strikers, NY
U-8   Boys Clifton Park Tigers, NY Wallingford Special '81, CT

T W I S T    1 9 8 7

      Champion Runner-Up
U-16   Girls Wallingford Stingrays, CT Island Trees Rowdies, NY
U-16   Boys Passaic FTK, NJ Sutton Fuller Hamlets, MA
U-15   Boys Hartford CRT, CT Innsbruck, Austria
U-14   Girls Easton Raiders, MA Wallingford Strikers, CT
U-14   Boys Wallingford Blizzard, CT Milford, CT
U-13   Girls Springfield Raiders, MA Wallingford Eliminators, CT
U-13   Boys Windsor Strikers, CT Mississauga Kings, Ontario
U-12   Girls Sutton Fuller Hamlets, MA Springfield, VA
U-12   Boys Wethersfield, CT Wallingford Comets, CT
U-11   Boys Holland Phoenix 76er's, PA Levittown United, NY
U-10   Girls Endicott, NY Sutton Fuller Hamlets, MA
U-10   Boys Mississauga, Ontario East Fishkill Bombers, NY
U-9   Boys Brampton, Ontario Oceanside Seminoles, NY

T W I S T    1 9 8 6

      Champion Runner-Up
U-16   Girls Manchester, CT Sutton Fuller Hamlets, MA
U-16   Boys Danbury Storm, CT St. Catherines, Ontario
U-15   Boys Wallingford Rowdies, CT Manchester Arrows, CT
U-14   Girls Wallingford Stingrays, CT Sutton Fuller Hamlets, MA
U-14   Boys Sutton Fuller Hamlets, MA Hartford CRT, CT
U-13   Girls Dix Hills Thunderbolts, NY Wallingford Strikers, CT
U-13   Boys Scarborough, Ontario Parkwood Lightning, PA
U-12   Girls Sutton Fuller Hamlets, MA Wallingford Eliminators, CT
U-12   Boys Wallingford Spinners, CT Windsor, CT
U-11   Girls HuntingtonCheetahs, NY Wethersfield, CT
U-11   Boys GlastonburyStrikers, CT Wethersfield, CT
U-10   Girls Guilford, CT Wallingford, CT
U-10   Boys WallingfordChallengers, CT Dowington Spirit '76, PA
U-9   Boys CowHarborArmada, NY DanburySting, CT

T W I S T    1 9 8 5

      Champion Runner-Up
U-15   Boys DanburyStorm, CT New HavenMetro, CT
U-14   Girls TrumbullUnited, CT SouthingtonSupremes, CT
U-14   Boys DanburyRowdies, CT WellesleyWildcats, MA
U-13   Girls W. HartfordBlue Thunder, CT WallingfordStingray, CT
U-13   Boys NewtownHotspurs, CT SouthingtonStars, CT
U-12   Girls WallingfordEliminators, CT Wethersfield, CT
U-12   Boys Bensalem Parkwood, PA Somertown Strikers, PA
U-11   Boys Scarborough, Ontario WallingfordSpinners, CT
U-10   Girls Sutton, MA Wallingford, CT
U-10   Boys SimsburyCosmos, CT Framingham, MA
U-9   Boys Simsbury, CT  

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